SMS Gateway API

 API, integration with the SendSMSGate Bulk SMS service
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There are many ways to integrate with our Bulk SMS service by SMS Gateway API

You can connect to our SMS gateway using the following protocols:

    • 1) SMPP protocol
    • The SMPP protocol allows the end user to communicate with the SMSC (SMSC) using GET/POST methods. Sending sms through the SMPP protocol ensures maximum sms throughput through the gateway. Our system supports connection via SMPP v.3.4. - The most current version now.
    • 2) HTTP
    • The HTTP protocol implies the transfer of data in the form of hypertext in the HTTP format using GET / POST methods. Any request can be sent either to send messages or to receive delivery reports.
    • 3) XML
    • The interaction between the client service and ours occurs when XML requests are sent to the service address via the HTTP protocol using the POST method.
    • 4) Portal
    • Sending SMS messages is done manually through the cabinet. You upload a file with the base of your subscribers, configure and run the newsletter. No special settings are required, all you need is to know your login and password from your office.

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